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A fascination with the natural world and the creative process has been central to a lifetime of art and adventures. During a career in education, I have also been a wildlife photographer, documentary filmmaker, sculptor, woodworker, writer and painter. I am now a full-time, home-schooled artist whose efforts have evolved over years of observation, experimentation and hard work. I use wood, metal, acrylic paint and watercolors in a variety of styles, techniques and media to record life on a small island on the outer edge of Penobscot Bay, with occassional forays into the world of mainland birds and fish.

Almost twenty years of living in an small island community has shaped my art. My creativity and thoughts are increasingly focused on what is close and observable - the local environment, the fragility of island life, the importance of clean, plentiful water and the need to preserve places and things that often are used to define “wilderness". If you commit to a locale, observe it for an extended period of time and learn what questions to ask, there is much a place can teach. For most of those 20 years, I observed, asked questions and painted Matinicus Island during the warmer months and, when it grew cold, the watershed of the Delaware River. I still work in my island studio half the year, but have lived and worked beside the St. George River in Cushing, ME since 2016.

My focus on issue based, locale specific art has expanded to include work with environmental and educational groups. Through gallery shows and commissioned artwork I have helped them communicate their message, increase awareness of critical needs and raise funds for special projects. My work has supported groups including the Island Institute, OceansWide, the Matinicus Island School, the Tinicum Conservancy, Friends of the Upper Delaware River and the Maine Seacoast Mission.

The artist can be found at HighWater Studio on the southern end of beautiful Matinicus Island from May through October and above Hyler Cove on the St. George River during the winter. He welcomes comments and questions shared through his website.

Artist comments on specific work-
news: March, 2018
Hyler Cove, Cushing, ME

I was recently reminded that art and creativity can take unique turns and that a single work of art my be the product of many hands. When you look at my rock paintings or carved fish, you might admire something imagined and created by myself and not realize that what you see is also the work of unmentioned artists whose efforts support my “success”.

A carving may require a special base, a painting a custom frame, my website a creative and well-considered design, a show must be organized, art packaged and moved from place to place. I often assume these responsibilities, but some works deserve a unique stand, frame and the talents of artists unmentioned and under appreciated. I depend on the unique skills of artists to complete and display much of my art.

In preparation for my summer show, Derek Webber has been welding beautiful metal stands that allow every corner, color and small detail of my carved and painted fish and birds to be better appreciated. Bob Bitzer, a friend and talented woodworker, spent years building beautiful walnut and cherry frames for cobblestone paintings in my Condon Cove Series. His frames will also be in my summer show. Stuart Wyss-LeClair has developed, maintained, nurtured and coddled my website, internet and t echnical services with infinite patience and creativity for almost ten years. I go to him with new ideas and he never says NO, although I realize he may frequently shake his head and utter an exasperated sigh! My biggest thanks go my chief organizer, supporter and most honest critic - Judy Sears. Her ideas and observations are the ones I value most and rarely ignore.

These talented friends and artists have all contributed to art that gets credited to me. Any serious project, and the creation of art is always a serious project, is a team effort. My thanks to each team member who will contribute their unique talents to the art that will be in “my” 2018 summer show.
Onward and upward,

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